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  • Bows and arrows used to be meade from the yew tree in the 1500s, so when an arrow was shot it was called “plucking the yew.” At the Battle of Agincort (once again, not sure), the French party was going to capture the English and cut of their middle fingers so they couldn’t pluck the yew. However, the English people heard of their plan and weren’t captured. So, they taunted the french people by waving their middle fingers and saysing “Look, we can still pluck yew!” So “pluck yew” was a phrase used to taunt french people, until it evolved to “fuck you” and the hand gesture was associated with… well, we all know what it’s supposed to look like. Anyway, that’s how my history teacher heard it. Thanx Superchick
  • ‘fuck’ comes from the sentence, “Fornication Under Consent of the King” which was what they called a whore house back then. This came from a facts book i read. Honest
  • ‘fuck’ comes from ‘fichen’, German for “to strike.”
  • Webster’s says that it most likely comes from fokken, “to breed (cattle).” Thanx Jon C
  • The word “FUCK” comes from the olden days. When a person was caught being unfaithful, they were made to wear a sign saying “FUCK”, it stood for “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge”. Thanx Connor B.
  • The word fuck came from WW 1 ,the german airplane manafactuar foccas was the cause, the british use the word as a swear. Thanx Mick Q

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