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  • A leech has 32 brains
  • Leeches are used to treat some diseases. In the past, they were used to cure anything from a headache to gout
  • The bite of a leech is actually painless
  • Leeches can bite through a hippos hide
  • A leech has three mouths and Millions of teeth

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  • Posted: January 8, 2009 13:49


    32 brains??!?! How can that be? Isn't it just a worm?
  • Posted: January 8, 2009 13:51


    It doesn't really have 32 brains, only 32 brain segments, which in a way does mean that it has 32 brains. I googled it, so it has to be correct. Long live google!
  • Posted: June 15, 2011 22:53


    its not a worm and its brain is very miniture
  • Posted: November 11, 2014 22:19


    Wow that is amazing.... 32 BRAINS????????