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Honey badger

  • The Honey badger is the most fearless animal in the world. It will approach and track animals much bigger than itself
  • The honey badger has very loose skin that allows it to twist and turn even if bitten by a predator
  • Honey badgers are not part of the badger subfamily but are more closely related to weasels
  • The honey badger can withstand the venom of a snakebite that could kill an elephant
  • Eventhough a badger cub might be 2-3 kg larger than their mother, they are still entirely dependent on her for food
  • The honey badger has thick skin which is almost 6mm thick at the back of his neck
  • This badger has a pair of anal glands can emit a profuse, unpleasant secretion, often used to mark out territory


Comment from jawad

honey badgers are the best animals in the world!!!!!!3 honey badgers took over 7 lions!!!!that is impressive !!!!!!!!!!!!

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