DNA fun

We hold so much information in our DNA that it were put in the form of a book, these books put on top of each other would reach 70 meters high. Even a simple list of the bases of the entire DNA is enough to fill 200 New York City phone books. Even now, scientist still don’t know the function of 85-95% of genes. Some other facts about dna include the similarity between species. Our DNA is almost 90% similar to a cat and 85% similar to a mouse.

Some mysteries were solved using DNA including: Where is Columbus Buried? Did Thomas Jefferson father children with his slave, Sally Hemings? Did Jesse James die in 1882? Could the Romanovs Have Survived the Russian Revolution? Was Anna Anderson Really Anastasia?

This image of a mouse is housed at the AICG Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences to symbolize the humanity’s gratitude for the animal in gene study.

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